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Since 1987, Docucon Imaging Services has converted more than 21 million pages of Navy Technical Manuals. When laid end-to-end, the pages would create an 8.5x11 paper path from New York City to San Francisco . . . and make the turn for the trip back.

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ImageNow Solution Stories

Docucon selected by the GSA Southwest Region to perform conversion services and provide document management system. 

Docucon has been awarded a contract to convert an estimated 9 million pages of various contract files and related documents for GSA.  The Ft. Worth based Southwest Region is the first of many GSA offices to implement an electronic document management system and digitized their contract files.

Docucon, as the prime contractor, has teamed with Perceptive Software, makers of ImageNow, to provide enterprise document management, imaging and workflow software.  The system will support 100 concurrent users with easy access to documents, records and information through a user friendly search engine.

 U.S. Coast Guard Selects Docucon and ImageNow

The U.S. Coast Guard has selected Docucon Imaging Services for an important on-site document conversion project.  The records to be converted are officer retirement and benefit records.  The services will be performed on-site at the Coast Guard Personnel Center, located in the Federal Building, Topeka, KS.

Work began in August, 2006 and is scheduled for completion by year-end.  Approximately 1.8 million pages of officer benefit and retirements records will be scanned, indexed and up-loaded to the Coast Guard’s ImageNow enterprise document management suite.

Docucon converts student records for implementation of ImageNow at Grayson County College

Docucon was selected by Grayson County College to perform conversion services. Docucon has recently completed the conversion of nearly 250,000 images of transcripts for Grayson County College.

This project involved converting student records and transcripts from paper and microfilm to digital format that was then imported into the college’s ImageNow enterprise document management suite.