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Our Involvement with the Department of Defense

Technology-based initiatives in the Department of Defense have flourished for a number of years. Our involvement with the DoD began in 1986. Since that time, we have been performing a wide variety of document conversion services for DoD agencies, including; the US Navy, US Air Force, US Army, US Marine Corp., Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and Document Automation Production Services (DAPS).

Early in our relationship Docucon engineers worked closely with representatives of the DoD, in the production of prototype data for testing and specification usability and completeness. This process of creating data, testing and revision, led to the initial set of specifications that were used to produce the first large-scale repositories of digital data. Those specifications are still in use by the DoD and are the basis for the de-facto standards currently in use by everyone.

From that initial effort through today, Docucon has converted more than 40 million engineering drawings, and over 30 million pages of Technical Manuals/Orders to numerous output formats such as SGML and XML.

And we continue to add to these totals every day.

Docucon has consistently demonstrated that it can meet the ever-growing demand for digital data in support of logistics, training, and maintenance support, for the mission-critical needs of the Defense community.

We take pride in the many services provided and projects we have completed for the DoD.

And Other Federal Agencies

In addition to the DoD, Docucon has also provided services to a number of other Federal agencies including: Department of Justice, FDIC, GSA Safety and Public Building Services, Center for Disease Control, BUMED and the US Coast Guard.

Federal Government Contractors

We also team with other government contractors providing solutions to the DoD and other federal agencies:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • BSE Systems
  • General Dynamics
  • CSC
  • AERA
  • Newport News Ship Yard
  • CACI
  • SAIC