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Millions of Cards Converted

Over the past several years Docucon has converted more than 40 million Aperture Cards.

Our experience, technical expertise and capacity resources offer proven solutions for aperture card conversion.

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Quality, Experience and Capacity

Our Aperture Card scanning and conversion processes are unparalleled in the industry.

We began converting Aperture Cards in the late 1980’s and have since delivered more than 40 million images to clients in the commercial and public sector.

Our standard Aperture Card conversion services include:

  • Scanning at 200 dpi
  • Multi-level Quality Control processes
  • Images cropped to eliminate overscan
  • Image de-skew, rotation, and mirroring
  • 100% image QA
  • Auto indexing from Hollerith (punched) data
  • Data delivered to your format specification, TIFF, PDF, JEDMICS, and others
  • Delivery media of choice, CD / DVD and others
  • Production Reports

Optional services include:

  • Scanning at 300 and 400 dpi.
  • Multiple-up separation and naming
  • Verification and correction of punched Hollerith data against the scanned image
  • Manual capture of additional indexing fields from the scanned image

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